The Uniform Statistical Model of Fatigue Strength

Vladislav Turko


The uniform statistical model of fatigue strength is provided in the article. This model combines parameters of the probability distribution functions (PDF) of fatigue endurance limit and fatigue life time, S-N curve and uses only four parameters. The offered model describes the area of multi-cycle fatigue, characteristic of a local zone of dependent accumulation of fatigue damage (the high level of survivability). For this local zone, the two-parametric double-exponential probability distribution function with logarithmic fatigue life time (DEDF) is fair. By estimating fatigue strength parameters based on the results of tests, more than 600 specimens are given in the paper. 


Fatigue endurance limit, fatigue life time, fatigue strength parameters, probability distribution functions, S-N curve

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DOI: 10.7250/tae.2014.003


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