The Analysis of Efficiency of Acoustic Emission Diagnostic Method for the Determination of Defect Coordinates

Aleksandrs Urbahs, Aija Valberga, Muharbijs Banovs, Kristine Carjova, Ilze Stelpa


Acoustic emission (AE) method is widely used as a non-destructive control tool of vehicle points and construction and also as a tool for technical condition monitoring. One of the most important AE diagnostic technological operations is the determination of AE source defect coordinates. Modern defect location techniques allow detecting coordinates of developing defects with high accuracy and reliability. There are several AE source detection methods, but the most popular one is a signal arrival time difference method. 


Acoustic emission, defect coordinates, diagnosis

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DOI: 10.7250/tae.2014.006


1. Bolting Elements of Helicopter Fuselage and Tail Boom Joints Using Acoustic Emission Amplitude and Absolute Energy Criterion
Aleksandrs Urbahs, Kristine Carjova
Journal of Aerospace Engineering  vol: 32  issue: 3  year: 2019  
doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)AS.1943-5525.0000963


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