Multipurpose Alpha Mechanism for the Open-jet Wind Tunnel

Aleksandrs Urbahs, Dmitrijs Titovs, Margarita Urbaha, Sergejs Luckinskis, Andrejs Aleksandrovs


The present paper deals with main problems and specifics of engineering, configuration, and considers the use of model positioning mechanism in a wind tunnel. Traditionally, this type of model positioning system is called an alpha mechanism. The main function of alpha mechanism is to adjust an angle of attack (α) and sliding angle (β) for an object of aerodynamic research. This paper describes the optimal configuration of alpha mechanism for AERTI T-4 wind tunnel with appliance of CAD and CAM technologies. Also, the paper considers the possibility of improving an alpha mechanism for a wide range of aerodynamic studies. 


Aerodynamics, model positioning, wind tunnel

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DOI: 10.7250/tae.2014.010


1. Aerodynamic Research of the Experimental Prototype of the Variable Geometry Wind Turbine
Aleksandrs Urbahs, Margarita Urbaha, Kristīne Carjova
Transport and Aerospace Engineering  vol: 5  issue: 1  first page: 28  year: 2017  
doi: 10.1515/tae-2017-0015


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