Research on the Propagation of AE Signals in Helicopter Structural Components

Aleksandrs Urbahs, Kristīne Carjova, Aleksejs Nasibullins, Dmitry Nedelko


The paper contains results of experimental research carried out helicopter bench. In order to create an attenuation chart for AE signal amplitude in helicopter fuselage, a number of experiments were performed on the frame and stringers, inside the fuselage. Later helicopter test bench was used to develop defect localization methodology of helicopter structure fatigue damage technical diagnostics. Analysing helicopter structural defects for different helicopters types it is concluded that the joint elements of helicopter tail boom are still exposed to fatigue crack formation. AE method shows highly effective results predicting fracture of helicopter joint elements.


Acoustic emission testing; bolts; fatigue cracks; fractographic research; helicopter structure

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DOI: 10.1515/tae-2016-0001


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